Humber Community Development Corporation
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Featured Programs

CBDC Youth Loan

Tailored business solutions for young entrepreneurs ages 18-34 interested in starting, expanding or modernizing projects that require financing to get the business moving.

Self Employment Benefit Program

The Self Employment Benefits (SEB) Program allows participants to continue to receive their Employment Insurance Benefits while they are getting their business up and running.

CBDC First-Time Entrepreneur Loan

Targeted financing for those first-time entrepreneurs starting or purchasing their very first business.

CBDC Innovation Loan

To assist in the development of the knowledge-based economy in the adoption and commercialization of technology by rural businesses.

CBDC Social Enterprise Loan

Tailored financing designed to assist social enterprises in rural based communities in Atlantic Canada.

Business Counselling

Business counselling in the form of advice to new and established entrepreneurs throughout Atlantic Canada.

CBDC General Business Loan

The CBDC General Business Loan is designed to assist entrepreneurs to obtain financing for their business, when traditional avenues of financing are not available. It can be used for key events in the business life cycle such as business creation, purchase, and business succession planning.

CBDC Clean Technology Loan

For new and existing entrepreneurs, including Social Enterprises, a flexible financing instrument in support of the adoption, adaption and/or commercialization of clean technology. To hire professional outside expertise to assess clean technology solutions for individual businesses and social enterprises.


The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is pleased to provide financial support to the CBDCs in Atlantic Canada.