Humber Community Development Corporation
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About Us

VISION: To help sustain and grow small business in our region.

MISSION: To provide loans, counselling and advisory services to existing and aspiring entrepreneurs as a way to help sustain and foster Community Economic Development.


  • Enhance awareness of entrepreneurship in the service area of CBDC Humber
  • Collaborate and maintain sound, professional relationships with Governments and the private sector, by providing financial assistance and other support services to SME’s
  • Communicate and promote the mandate of CBDCs as a way to help broaden the public’s knowledge of the programs and services available through CBDC Humber
  • Support and maintain Stakeholder relationships
  • Maintain a well qualified, trained, professional staff
  • Recruit, maintain skilled, dedicated volunteers

Community Business Development Corporations (CBDCs) have been operating for forty three (43) years throughout Rural Atlantic Canada.  We are individual, autonomous, not-for-profit organizations that work in cooperation with Governments and the private sector to help meet the needs of small businesses. In Atlantic Canada, there are forty-one (41) independent CBDCs, fifteen (15) of which are located in Newfoundland and Labrador.

On December 1st, 1984, and with Federal Government financial assistance, the West Nfld. LEAD Corporation , now Humber Community Development Corporation (HCDC),  provincially incorporated a not-for-profit CBDC to provide loans, counselling and advisory services to small businesses. CBDC Humber operates under the control of a volunteer Board of Directors who establish Corporation policy and approve business loans up to $150,000.00.  Our volunteer Board of seven (7) members is representative of the geographical area serviced by CBDC Humber which includes, Corner Brook and the Bay of Islands, Humber Valley, White Bay South, and Bonne Bay areas of Western Newfoundland and Labrador.  CBDC Humber also employs four (4) full-time staff.  Our office is located in the City of Corner Brook, Western Newfoundland and Labrador.

CBDC Humber works closely with governments to serve as a Delivery Agent for several of their Programs associated with entrepreneurship. Funded in part by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) and the Department of Advanced Education and Skills, the CBDCs play a direct and active role in employment and development lending activity in Newfoundland and Labrador. CBDC Humber also partners with many other stakeholders by providing resource staff, as part of our larger mandate to help stimulate the economy and assist in the development of small businesses in our service area.

Our Prime Mandate is to help businesses start, grow, and remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Through local commitment and accountability, CBDC Humber currently enjoys distinct advantages at a grassroots level by responding to local needs under normal credit granting criteria. Since inception in 1984, we have been providing loans and counseling services to small businesses in a defined service area of Western Newfoundland and Labrador . Our staff, for the most part, are hands-on involved in a support role with many other stakeholders in our service area.  For our lending role and since 1991, we have solely been able to utilize our own Community Futures Investment capital to help with the financing of small businesses through repayable loans. We also support other CBDCs with their lending function throughout Atlantic Canada, by providing financial assistance to undercapitalized CBDCs through the Atlantic Canada Community Business Investment Fund (ACCBIF).

The Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency is pleased to provide financial support to the CBDCs in Atlantic Canada.